Escar UK Bronze, We design and produce bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze water features, bronze fountains and bronze elephants.

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Water Features - Figures & Other

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Description:Contrary Mary Water Feature
Product Code:CM2

66 x 51 x 42cm (Large) 39 x 30 x 27cm (Small)
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Description:Girl Pouring Water, Water Feature
Dimensions:66 x 51 x 42cm (Large) 39 x 30 x 27cm (Small)
Product Code:DAISY

106 x 72 x 29cm
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Description:Dancing Duo Water Feature
Dimensions:106 x 72 x 29cm
Product Code:DD

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Description:Gardeners Apprentice Water Feature
Product Code:GA2

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Description:Kneeling girl with jug
Product Code:LILY

220 x 60cm
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Description:Liza Cooling Off Water Feature
Dimensions:220 x 60cm
Product Code:LIZA

80 x 100cm
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Description:Maypole Dance Water Feature
Dimensions:80 x 100cm
Product Code:MD

100 x 60 x 40cm
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Description:Mermaid Lotus Leaf Water Feature
Dimensions:100 x 60 x 40cm
Product Code:MLF2

128 x 62 x 93cm
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Description:Posing Jayne Water Feature
Dimensions:128 x 62 x 93cm
Product Code:PJ

139 x 52 x 90cm
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Description:Posing Lady (New Design)
Dimensions:139 x 52 x 90cm
Product Code:POSING LADY

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