Escar UK Bronze, We design and produce bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze water features, bronze fountains and bronze elephants.

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191 x 197cm
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Description:Fountain (Bowl: 148cm)
Dimensions:191 x 197cm
Product Code:3GRACES

100 x 100 x 130cm
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Description:Four Elephants Fountain
Dimensions:100 x 100 x 130cm
Product Code:4ELE

200 x 220 x 100cm
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Description:Circle of Dolphins Water Feature
Dimensions:200 x 220 x 100cm
Product Code:DOLCIRCLE

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Description:Lady sitting on a shell (One only)
Dimensions:110 x 50 x 50cm
Product Code:F2-2016

250 x 115cm
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Description:6 Cherub Fountain (Bowl: 95cm)
Dimensions:250 x 115cm
Product Code:F3

220 x 80cm
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Description:Roman Lady Fountain (Bowl: 70cm)
Dimensions:220 x 80cm
Product Code:F4-07

195 x 100cm
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Description:Cupid Offering (Bowl: 90cm)
Dimensions:195 x 100cm
Product Code:F5-07

93 x 40cm
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Description:Dolphin Fountain (Bowl: 95cm)
Dimensions:93 x 40cm
Product Code:F7-07

135 x 100 x 100
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Description:Three Horse Fountain
Dimensions:135 x 100 x 100
Product Code:F8-2010

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Description:Fairy Fountain
Product Code:LF1

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Description:Large Pair of Marlin Fountain
Product Code:MF1

215 x 80cm
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Description:Three Sail-fish Fountain
Dimensions:215 x 80cm
Product Code:MF2

100 x 60 x 40cm
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Description:Mermaid Lotus Leaf Water Feature
Dimensions:100 x 60 x 40cm
Product Code:MLF2

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