Escar UK Bronze, We design and produce bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze water features, bronze fountains and bronze elephants.

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Fairytale Figures & Dragons

30 x 23cm
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Description:Small Dragon
Dimensions:30 x 23cm
Product Code:DRAG1

40 x 60cm
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Description:Medium Dragons - Pair
Dimensions:40 x 60cm
Product Code:DRAG3

56 x 30 x 28cm
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Description:Gollum with Fish Water Feature
Dimensions:56 x 30 x 28cm
Product Code:GOLLUM

17 x 18 x 38cm
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Description:Fire Dragon - Large Size
Dimensions:17 x 18 x 38cm
Product Code:PUFF

95 x 82 x 55cm
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Description:Dragon Water Feature
Dimensions:95 x 82 x 55cm
Product Code:SAPHIRA

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Description:Smoke Kit for Dragon
Product Code:SMOKEKIT

100 x 120 x 140cm
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Description:Smoking Drusilla Winged Dragon (Aluminium)
Dimensions:100 x 120 x 140cm
Product Code:SMOKY

53 x 49 x 49cm
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Description:Dragon Water Feature
Dimensions:53 x 49 x 49cm
Product Code:TERRADOR

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