Escar UK Bronze, We design and produce bronze statues, bronze sculptures, bronze water features, bronze fountains and bronze elephants.

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Animals, Birds & Reptiles

72cm x 55cm x 50cm
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Description:Thinking Chimp
Dimensions:72cm x 55cm x 50cm
Product Code:BRAINS

46 x 60 x 35cm
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Description:Dog Skeleton
Dimensions:46 x 60 x 35cm
Product Code:DOGBONES

39 x 25 x 18cm
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Description:Fox Head on Marble Base
Dimensions:39 x 25 x 18cm
Product Code:FOX3

160 x 250 x 85cm
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Description:Prowling Male Lion
Dimensions:160 x 250 x 85cm
Product Code:LION

130 x 105 x 32cm & 90 x 73 x 37cm
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Description:Pair of Leaping Roe Deer
Dimensions:130 x 105 x 32cm & 90 x 73 x 37cm
Product Code:ROEDEER

105 x 260 x 100cm
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Description:Pair of Life Sized Fighting Stags (Sizes per Stag)
Dimensions:105 x 260 x 100cm
Product Code:STAGS

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